I help women feel more confident in themselves through resistance training and a flexible nutrition approach.


I help women feel more confident in themselves and in the gym, especially in the weights section. I place a very strong emphasis on technique. No lettuce-lifestyle required. 

Our focus is that you enjoy this so that we create longterm habits, therefore lasting results.


all you need to know is..

i'M Never too serious. Big foodie at heart. Big love for dogs.

Several years ago I was the girl too scared to enter the weights section so I know how frustrating it can feel. This is why your technique, mindset and over-all confidence is so important to me, not just what we're about to do for your health and physique.

The biggest lifehack and timesaver is learning off those who know how to achieve what you want to achieve.. fat loss, muscle growth, build life long habits, de-stress: whatever it is, we go further together.

After qualifying I started coaching women from my garage, 3 years later I now run my own personal training facility in Wimborne hosting 1-1, pair and small group training.